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Purus Institute provides services to assist with ensuring your workplace is safe, hygienic, protected and compliant. We offer online certification prep courses such as CHEP & CHSP for certification examinations offered by the International Board for Certification Services and Management (IBFCSM).

In addition to our online prep courses, we specialize in custom training development for the operation, safety and use of certain chemicals, equipment and diagnostic testing.

Our priority is healthcare safety, compliance and preparedness, and helping  mitigate disasters in the workplace. Let us help take your organization to the next level!



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Your organization may be eligible for COVID-19 Category B assistance. We will help you through the entire process with our expert grant-writing team

Certification Exam Prep

Our online courses help prepare you to pass the Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) & Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) exams offered by the IBFCSM

Custom Training Development

Let the experts at Purus Institute develop your custom training to ensure the highest standards of safety, and efficacy within your organization are met

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About us

Industry Expertise

Purus Institute is a global training and consulting company with over 60 years of industry experience. Helping businesses achieve best practices and productivity efficiencies, we are dedicated to educating and providing practical tools to our clients so they can make informed decisions to enhance the quality of service and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Aimed At Supporting Your Learning And Credential Needs

Purus Institute strives to provide access to affordable workforce development resources for professions in environmental public health.

We are dedicated to protecting our community by creating and maintaining a safe environment for our clients. From large corporations to our most focused environments, Purus Institute delivers gold standard services.

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Online Exam Prep Courses

Purus Institute offers online courses to help you study for the Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) and the Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) certification exams offered by the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers’ (IBFCSM)


Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional - $850

The CHEP study course helps pepare you to successfully pass your CHEP certification exam through a series of video instruction, knowledge checks and a final exam.


Certified Healthcare Safety Professional - $850

The CHSP course is designed to prepare you to pass your CHSP certification exam by delivering you with high-quality video instruction, knowledge checks and a final exam.


Bundled CHEP & CHSP Exam Prep Courses - $1,500

Save by bundling! These courses have proven success in helping students pass the certification exams. Credential holders signifies a professional commitment to excellence.

The price  of the CHEP and CHSP courses INCLUDE the cost of the course, your IBFCSM application fee, and your IBFCSM final exam fees.

*Please note: completing our training modules does not guarantee you will pass the final IBFCSM certification exam; additional study may be required. Additionally, you will need to fill out the IBFCSM application on their website. Applicants should ensure they meet all experience requirements before applying and/or pursuing certification.


Certification holders make a difference in helping their organization maintain proactive, responsive, and flexible emergency management efforts. Learning these principles will help to protect patients, visitors, families, staff, vendors, and practitioners during times of emergencies, disasters, and pandemics. As the result, the CHEP and CHSP certifications serve as the premiere credentials for those serving in vital areas of healthcare emergency management. Earning these certifications signify a professional commitment to excellence.

Purus Institute provides a comprehensive approach to learning that combines our knowledge of industry standards with high-quality instruction. Our online courses are aligned with the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers’ (IBFCSM) certifications and teach the standards from organizations such as NFPA, ASTM, DHS, EPA, OSHA, FEMA and The Joint Commission. Our online certification prep course includes videos, presentations, module quizzes, study guides and course exams. This allows you the flexibility to take our courses at your own pace and place.  

Purus Institute’s courses are developed by a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in the environmental health and safety field. Our instructors have over 60 years of practical industry experience and are certified in the course they teach. As a result, you’re receiving the best instruction to prepare you to study for your certification exam.


Topics covered in the CHEP course include:

  • Federal Legislation
  • Healthcare Emergency Planning
  • Incident Command Systems
  • Natural Disasters
  • Joint Commission Standards
  • Managing Utility Systems
  • EPA Laws and Standards
  • OSHA Requirements
  • Terrorism/Pandemics
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Many other topics to help you study for your CHEP Certification exam!

About Chep

The CHEP serves as the premiere credential for those serving in vital areas of healthcare emergency management.

The CHEP is a real-world healthcare emergency management certification. Credential holders serve in or work with a variety of healthcare organizations such as: hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, public health, coalitions, and first response agencies. Those who take this exam come from a variety of professions. Some examples include: occupations in emergency management, safety, security, occupational health, nursing, risk management, quality improvement, facility management, infection control, and environmental services benefit from this course.


Topics covered in the CHSP course include:

  • Laws/Regulations/Standards (OSHA, NRC, EPA, NFPA and JCAHO)
  • Patient Safety
  • Evacuation Plans and Procedures
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Food and Sanitation
  • Emergency Management
  • Employee Safety
  • Lab Safety
  • Maintenance and Electrical Safety
  • Facility Security
  • Many more topics to help you prepare for the CHSP Certification exam!

About CHSP

Established in 1978, the CHSP exam serves as the premiere and definitive healthcare safety credential. The CHSP led the way in the development of healthcare safety as a profession for more than 40 years. Credential holders come from various healthcare backgrounds such as: occupational backgrounds include safety, security, occupational health, nursing, administration, risk management, quality improvement, facility management, hazardous material management, emergency management, fire safety, biomedical services, patient safety, infection control, and environmental services.

CHSP holders continue to make a difference in helping their organizations. For example, this course will teach you to maintain proactive and visible safety efforts. These principles protect patients, visitors, families, staff, vendors, and practitioners. Holding this credential indicates your dedication to professional practice and identifies you as true professional in the scope of healthcare safety.


IBFCSM was established in 1976. The organization operates as an independent Nonprofit 501C(6) credentialing body organization. As an independent organization, IBFCSM focuses exclusively on “Upgrading Professions” in the areas of healthcare safety, patient safety, healthcare emergency management, hazard control management, product safety, and disaster.

*Attention: IBFCSM applicants and candidates must personally decide how they wish to prepare for certification examination. IBFCSM does not require any applicant or candidate to purchase study materials, textbooks, exam preparation resources, or attend any review or educational session to qualify for certification.

Purus Institute helped me pass the CHEP exam. The course was easy to follow. I passed the exam the first time. I would recommend this course for anyone looking to grow in the medical field.

Testimonial Item

Kristen Bergerson

EMT, Ambulance Services

I took the CHSP exam prep course through Pururs Institute. I took the course to further my safety education and The Purus Institute helped prepare me to pass this exam!They were there for me anytime I had a question

Testimonial Item

Patrick Garrett

Maintenance Director, Consulate Health Care

I liked having the Purus Institute videos instead of just reading a bunch of material. The courses really helped me retain the information.

Testimonial Item

Emily Kozlowski

Safety Officer, MEDXCEL

Great prep course for the CHEP exam! The courses were easy to follow, the content was appropriate, I could go at my own pace and the instructors were outstanding. I highly recommend the Purus Institute courses.

Testimonial Item

Anders Wisdom

Safety Officer, MEDXCEL
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We strive to deliver excellence at Purus Institute. Our certification prep courses have helped countless people achieve professional success through passing their certification exams.


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A flagship service at Purus Institute is the development of custom training instruction and materials to meet your organizations needs. No job is too small! We use state-of-the-art technology that renders crisp, engaging and high-end training in 60 languages.

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